Turniej Tłumaczy 1996

Miron Białoszewski
Skakanka UFOistki


I’m standing at the window
Something terrible.
I’m frightened.

Me – from this side.
From that side – a crow
And fog.

I strain to hear:
A flying saucer
Or not?

I hope
It will pass
And me.

Oh my, oh my?
Something is happening…
Something is there.

It takes a bite out of the windowpane
And sucks
Me somewhere.

It catches me
A ball of light.
With a hold of me.

See you later,
Lady Earth!
And You!

From there to you
I will write…
 I will write…
  I will write…

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
Anita Wagner (Kanada)
Bill Whyte (USA)