Turniej Tłumaczy 1998

Jan Lechoń
Mickiewicz zmęczony

Weary Mickiewicz

Having return home from the Seine side
Mickiewicz took off the stained overcoat
And laid it on the bed. He was not very old,
But had suffered much, and was weary.

In the moment at he just feel asleep
He saw an old bench near a silver lake,
And in a dress she wore that memorable evening
In a light acacia scent Maryla’s shadow flowed down.

Her lips whispered:- „Our love – cemetery,
Between us is a huge sea spilled,
And by day only battles and commanders you remember
But, when you close your eyes you always think of me.”

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
Elizabeth Koło (Australia)

Back home again from the Sekwan’ shore,
Mickiewicz cast off his stained chamar’
And in his bed he lay. Not age-worn,
But grief-laden and so . . . tired.

And there, hardly asleep, he saw
On a shimmering lake, an aged bench,
By which a shadow flowed . . . Maryla,
In the gown she wore that memorable night,
In the ever-waning acacian scent.

From her lips the whispered words, „Our love, a graveyard,
Between us, vast overflowing sea,
Only by day you call to mind battles and commanders
But . . . when you close your eyes,
Always you think of me.”

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
Patricia A. Dissosway (USA)