Turniej Tłumaczy 2000

Wisława Szymborska


You take off, we take off, you all take off
Long coats, jackets, sport coats, blouses
Of wool, of cotton, and of cotton-polyester,
Skirts, trousers, socks, underwear,
Laying, hanging, throwing them over
Utility chairs, extended screen dividers
For now, says the doctor, it is not serious,
please get dressed, get some rest, and get away,
take these if needed, once before bedtime, once after meals,
show up in three months, in a year, in one and one half years;
you see, and you thought, and we ourselves are afraid,
and you supposed, and you suspected;
time now to finish up, to secure with shaking hands
the shoelaces, clasps, zippers, buckles,
belts, buttons, neck ties, collars
and to pull out from the sleeves, the handbags, the pockets
a wrinkled, dotted, striped, flowered, checkered scarf
which has a sudden increase in usefulness.

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
John Abramovich (USA)


You strip, we strip, they strip
Coats, jackets, suit jackets, shirts
Of cotton, of wool, of synthetic wool,
Skirts, slacks, socks, underwear,
Placing on, hanging on, drapping across
Chairbacks, the wings of privacy screens;
Presently, says the doctor, it’s nothing serious,
Please get dressed, get rest, get away,
Take a dose, if such a case arises, before bed, after meals,
Show up again in a quarter of a year, a year, a year and a half;
You see, and you thought, and we were fearful,
And all of you assumed, and he suspected;
It’s now time to tie, to buckle up, with trembling hands,
Laces, snaps, zippers, clasps,
Belts, buttons, neckties, collars
And pull out from gloves, a purse, a pocket,
Crumpled-up, in patterns of polka-dots, stripes, florals, a plaid scarf
Of suddenly prolonged usefulness.

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
Oksana Gowin (Kanada)


You take off, we take off, you all take off
overcoats, jackets, dress suits, and blouses
of wool, cotton, cotton-polyester,
skirts, and trousers, and socks, and lingerie,
placing, hanging, throwing them over
the backs of chairs, wings of surgery screens;
for now, says the doctor, it’s nothing serious,
you should get dressed, take a rest, get away,
if anything take one, before sleep, after food,
show up here in a quarter, a year, eighteen months;
you see, and you’d thought, and we were all so afraid,
and you had imagined, and he had suspected;
time now to bind things, with still shaking hands tie up
shoe-laces, fasteners, all those buckles, and zips,
waist-belts, and buttons, and ties, and collars
and draw out from your sleeves, your handbag, or pocket
a crumpled, flowery, dotted, striped, or checkered scarf
of suddenly extended utility.

Przetłumaczone na język angielski przez:
Colin McGourty (Wielka Brytania)