Turniej Tłumaczy 2009

Juliusz Słowacki
Kordian (fragment)

Dear, if I could regain the palaces
with one of your tears, I would not want you to have to shed a single tear
Love! It’s befitting that you shine like sparkling diamonds.
Just like a shining white Milky Way containing a million worlds.
I would earnestly like to spend all my time with you, in his beautiful villa
Among the bay leaves, waterfalls, roses, bronze,
And who knows? Tomorrow maybe you can open your eyelids
and gaze into the face of misery, the most severe of all the apparitions…
Curses! I lost everything!

na język angielski przełożył
Alex HOBLEY (Anglia)

My dear! If I could regain my palaces through your tears,
One tear for you, I do not want,
My love! It suits you to sparkle like diamonds.
Like the million white worlds of the Milky Way.
I want to live through the centuries with you
Amongst laurels, waterfalls, bronzes
Who knows? Tomorrow you could open you eyes
And look into the face of poverty, the most terrifying of ghosts…
Curses! I have lost everything!

na język angielski przełożyła
Caroline STURDY COLLS (Wielka Brytania)