Turniej Tłumaczy 2011

Czesław Miłosz


Forget about the suffering,
You have brought upon others.
Forget about the suffering,
Others have brought upon you.
The waters keep flowing and flowing,
Spring will blossom and wither,
One walks this earth barely known.

At times, one will hear a distant song,
What does it mean, you ask, who sings it?
The sun of the next generation rises,
Grandchildren and great grandchildren are born.
The time has come for them to take you by the hand.

Only the name of the river remains,
Oh, how long such rivers flow.
Your field lays uncultivated,
Unlike the developed municipality.
You now stand at the threshold of ineptitude.

na język angielski przetłumaczył
Jason Moss (Kanada)


Forget the suffering
You caused others,
Forget the suffering
Others caused you.
Waters run and run,
Springs flash up and are gone,
You walk through a land you scarcely remember.

Sometimes you hear a distant refrain.
What does it mean, you ask, who’s that singing?
The child-like sun heralds a new dawn,
And a grandson and great grandson are born.
Now you are the one having his hand held.

You still remember the rivers’ names,
How long they seem to live!
Your fields lie fallow,
The city towers seem different now.
You stand on the threshold, mute.

na język angielski przetłumaczył
Nathaniel Gordon (Wielka Brytania)