Turniej Tłumaczy 2012

Wisława Szymborska
Są tacy, którzy

There are those who

There are those who live in a decorous fashion.
Order resides within and around.
In all acts and answers they abide by correctness.
Seemingly always knowing, who, with whom,
for what purpose and where.
Their stamp of approval falls only on certain truths,
inconvenient facts they toss into shredders,
while strangers,
are promptly assigned into appropriate folders.
They invest thought, only into that deemed worthy,
and never for a second too long,
for in that glimpse of time lurks doubt.
And when their relief from existence comes,
they abidingly depart their posts
via the designated doors.
Occasionally, I envy them
– thankfully, it passes.

Na język angielski przetłumaczyła
Michelina Kierzek

There are those…

There are those who lead their lives quite skillfully.
There’s a sense of order inside them and around them, too.
They always have a way and a fitting reply.
They quickly guess who and whom, and who with whom
And why, and where.
They put a stamp on nothing else but the truth
And shred the dispensable facts,
Placing the strangers
Into the filing cabinets filled to the top and labeled in advance.
They think only as much as they should,
And not for a moment longer,
For in that moment the Doubt lurks.
And when Life dismisses them,
They leave their post
Through the designated door.
I envy them at times –
But fortunately, this feeling swiftly passes.

Na język angielski przetłumaczyła
Jelena Rakić