Turniej Tłumaczy 2015

Stanisław Barańczak
N.N. uprawia gimnastykę poranną


– Like every day, we advise
– One, two, three – open the window.
A couple deep breaths. First training:
Bending forward. Please do not stiffen you
spine. One, two, three.
Deep please. Yees. All the way to the ground.
And one more time. That skill.
– One, two, three – it could be helpful.
And now bending quickly to the side. As if evading.
As is we wanted to simply avoid getting hit. One, two. To the left.
To the right. Yees, perfect. Now a squat please.
Squatting, as if you were getting ready to jump.
As if we wanted to jump down the throat of the torturer.
One, two, three. Although of course
we do not jump. Please stay in a squat
and get up slowly. And for the finish
we bow our head several times: The kneading
makes the neck flexible. One,
two, three.

na język angielski przetłumaczyła
Joanna Dajnowska (USA)