Turniej Tłumaczy 2017

Bolesław Leśmian

I sing of romance. It’s natural a singer should sing.
She and he both were beggars, complementarily.
At once, they fell in lo ve on the corner of the street.
No poorer did live in the city of mystery.
And so came a May night brimming with starlike delight.
They sat side by side on the steps of the church outside.
With a fixated gaze, she studied him carefully.
A feast of bread to eat and lips to kiss lovingly.
Dining together under May skies, they dreamed like this.
Feeding the body with bread and the soul with a kiss.
Two hungers did bloom under the wat chful eye of Spring.
For both him and his love she was hungry and yearning.
The poet saw and took notice. How must one endure?
He has two hungers, but has neither bread, nor lover.

na język angielski przełożyła Sarah Hoven