Summer school – information


  Groups with participants from Asia and Australia with significant time zone difference Groups from time zones coinciding with Polish time Groups with participants from the Americas with significant time zone difference
7.00-8.30 AM Language classes    
9.00-10.30 AM Language classes Language classes  
11.00-12.30 I lectures in Polish and in English
12.45-2.15 PM Break Language classes Break
2.15-3.15 PM Duty hours Break Duty hours
3.15-4.45 PM II lectures in Polish and in English / cultural events
4.45-6.15 PM   Duty hours Language classes
6.30-8.00 PM     Language classes
At the request of several people from the time zone of North and South America, we are suggesting to change the hours of the lecture classes in column 3.


language classes  in groups 60 hours + duty hours

lectures in Polish/English  = at least 20 hours in the contact version and at least 20 hours in the asynchronous form

cultural events = 40 godzin (incl. virtual tours around Poland)


Total: 150 hours per person



  • films
  • language games
  • meeting with famous person
  • tour around Cieszyn
  • tour around Silesian piles
  • culinary workshops
  • theatre
  • evening of Polish animation
  • student theatre
  • virtual escape room
  • Polish songs evening
  • „Evening of Cultures and Traditions”

and …other surprises