Summer school of Polish language, literature and culture

The Summer School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture is organized in Cieszyn, an old historic town situated at the foot of the Beskidy Mountains, at the Polish-Czech border. The course is held on the campus of the University of Silesia. This year summer school lasts 1-29.08.2021.

The School will be held from 1st to August 29th.

The lesson hour equals 45 minutes. During the weekends and public holidays excursions and cultural events will be offered.


The Summer School program includes:

  • Polish language course,
  • „Polish Life and Culture” seminar,
  • Cultural program,
  • Excursions,
  • Recreation.

Polish language course

The course begins with a placement test to estimate each participant’s level and determine the group they should be in. The course ends with a language test whose purpose is to check the progress. The School issues certificates according to the results of the test and gives credit points for attending the language course.

The language course program includes:

  • intensive Polish language classes (4 hours a day, in total: 80 hours),
  • extra classes (1 hour a day, in total: 20 hours),
  • language games (20 hours).

Students can choose extra classes (conversation, pronunciation, writing, reading and listening comprehension, grammar) that meet their special needs and interests e.g.

Students of the Summer School learn Polish also by taking part in various educational language games, School Theatre, Translating Competition, and by editing the School magazine, which is issued four times during the School. They may also participate in „Polish Language Quiz”. Its winner is awarded with the title of „Foreign Master of Polish Language”. Students from other schools of Polish language are welcome to take part in the Quiz as well.

„Polish Life and Culture” seminar

The seminar „Polish Life and Culture” is a series of afternoon lectures, seminars, cultural programs, meetings and other activities, which can be arranged in „seminar topics”. The seminar consists of two alternative components:
popular program,
academic program.

Popular program

The popular program is designed for students who would like to acquire some knowledge concerning Polish culture, history and current affairs as well as for students who don’t study Polish or Slavic Philology. The course is 16 topics conducted in Polish and English and participants are free to choose one out of the two.

Academic program

The academic program is designed for students of Polish or Slavic Philologies who wish to study specific problems concerning Polish language, culture, art, history and current affairs. The classes (32 topics) are conducted in Polish.

The School issues a certificate confirming the assignment of a chosen program, and attending the „Polish Life and Culture” seminar. Having completed all components of the program participants receive the certificate and a proper number of credit points.

Cultural program

The cultural program includes:

  • the cinema films’ presentations,
  • video film presentations (upon request of participants and as a part of „Polish Life and Culture” seminar),
    concerts and music evenings (Polish classical music, Polish folk music, Polish dances, Polish contemporary pop music),
  • visits to art galleries and museums,
  • meetings with Polish celebrities (politicians, journalists, artists, writers).


The excursions include:

  • sightseeing tour of Cieszyn,
  • trips (Cracow, Beskidy mountains, Upper Silesia, Oświęcim, Pszczyna, Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska).


A gym and a fitness club are available for students on the Campus. A swimming pool and tennis courts are located in the town.


Double rooms in university dormitory are offered. There is one bathroom and one kitchen for every two double rooms. Towels and bed sheets will be supplied. Single rooms are available upon request, if there are any of such rooms unoccupied. There is an extra charge of 150 euro for a single room. 

There are a club, cafes on the campus.



Meals are served three times a day in a student restaurant. Special dietary arrangements are possible for vegetarians.

School Fee

In 2021 the fee (910 euro) covers language classes, „Polish Life and Culture” seminar, cultural events, excursions, on-campus recreation, meals in the student restaurant, dormitory accommodation (double room) and text books.

Students who have an ISIC card, get a 10% off. Please send us in advance a copy of your ISIC card (by fax or by e-mail).


The course is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has completed secondary education. In order to take part in the Summer School one has to fill in the application form and send it to the School until the 31st of May 2021.

After the school has confirmed receiving the application form the Summer School fee should be paid into the School’s bank account and an acknowledgement of payment should be sent to the School not later than on 30th of June 2021. After having received the acknowledgement the School will send an invitation and further details of the program.

The number of places is limited so the date of application is important.

We regret that the School is unable to offer any scholarships, but few discounts are possible. Individual requests will be decided by the School’s Management.

Students from the countries of the European Union should have The European Health Insurence Card (EHIC). Students from countries which are not the part of EU should buy a health insurance in their own countries.

If an applicant resigns from admission because of important reasons before the 20th July, the School will return the School fee deducting 50 Euro. The deposit fee is non-refundable. There are no refunds for applicants who withdraw after this date.

For additional information, please contact the School Office.

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