Polish language courses

The Polish language courses are organized for everyone, who is interested in learning Polish. The School conducts the courses for the foreigners staying at present in Poland and for these who are going to come to Poland in order to learn Polish as well as to plan a business trip to our country.

The Courses are appropriated for persons, who do not have enough time for learning language and for these, who would like to study systematically. On our courses can find a place as well a student of Polish philology as a businessman.

The special program of courses enables a participation in classes, where a participant can take place in regular linguistic studies and where he might obtain a skill of using Polish in common situations in private and business life.

A teaching hour lasts 45 minutes. The basic learning program contains 60 teaching hours. After attending 60h of the course student will be given 6 ECTS points.

The Polish Language Courses are conducted on the each level of the linguistic advance (A0 – Survival Polish, A1 – Breakthrought, A2 – Waystage User, B1 – Threshold User, B2 – Independent User, C1 – Competent User, C2 – Good User). They start with a qualifying test and end with an exam estimating progress. There are the mid-semester tests during the course.

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