Poland in the World

Poland in the World

(by Piotr Mamet, Jolanta Tambor)


  • Poland after 1989 – socio-economical and political problems, origins of the changes tha appeared after 1989, chronology of political events since that time, the newest Polish history – economic and social changes, figures of politicians and political parties they belong to
  • role of Poland in the international arena, privatization, foreign investments, general increase of the life standards but also problems connected with them, such as: unemployment (i.e. dilemma of current Poland)
  • the Poles and Polish community abroad; institutions taking care of helping Polish people all over the world: Senate of the Republic of Poland, Association ‘Polish Community’, The Foundation Aid to Poles in the East
  • teaching Polish abroad: Polish studies departments abroad, Polish language classes at the universities abroad, teachers’ qualifications to work abroad, international traineeship and scholarship, Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, Department of International Cooperation), Association ‘Bristol’ Polish and Foreign Teachers of Polish Language and Culture as a Foreign One; websites and publishing houses helpful for the teachers and lecturers abroad
  • promotion of teaching Polish language as a foreign one, international language fair; Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Department of Promotion and Department of International Cooperation)

Basic literature:

Karpiński J., Trzecia Niepodległość, Warszawa 2001.
Roszkowski W., Najnowsza historia Polski 1980-2006, Warszawa 2007.